Understanding How Bitcoin Casino French Roulette Games Pay

There will be a number of different Roulette games you can play when logged into most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino sites, and there can be a lot of important differences in regards to how each variant will play and pay too.

You will come across the American Roulette game at probably all casino sites, and that is a game the casinos will want you to play, for with there being two zeros on its wheel, the house edge that game plays out to is rather high working out at some 5.26%.

The savvy Roulette players out there will always avoid ever playing that variant and instead choose to play the European Roulette game variant which is fairly easy to spot due to it having just one single zero on its wheel and betting layout.

The house edge on all of the available betting positions on the betting layout of that variant is much more appealing to players for its house edge is some 2.70%!

However, there is an even lower house edge Roulette game variant you may find in a few casinos that accept Bitcoin and that variant is known as French Roulette.

It is the even money paying betting propositions that have a lower house edge, for everything else you can bet on the bettering layout of that variant has a house edge that is the same as the European game, that being 2.70%.

But by placing your bets and wagers on any of the even money betting propositions, those of course being Red or Black, Odd or Even to the High or Low numbers the house edge attached to those bets works out at just 1.35%.

The way in which the house edge drops on those six possible even money paying bets is that whenever a zero is spun in one of two things will then happen.

Some French Roulette Bitcoin games will give you half of your stake back when a zero is spun in for all of the bets you have placed on any of the even money paying locations. However, there is another variant which instead of giving you half of those losing wagers back will simply keep those losing bets on the betting layout for the next spin.

As such, if you are the type of Roulette player who only ever places very low risk bets when playing that popular casino table game, those being the even money paying bets, then you are going to get much more value and will be playing a much lower house edge variant when playing the French Roulette game.

One final word of warning is in regards to any optional side bets and wagers that can be placed when playing any Roulette game variant it is always going to be the case than any side bets do come with a much higher house edge than that of the base game.

Therefore you should always avoid placing any optional side bet wager when playing Roulette, even if the bonus payouts appear high in value!