Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites

One of the hardest decisions any sports team manager has to make on sports such as Soccer, American Football, Baseball and Basketball is of course just which players to schedule to take part in any up and coming match.

As a fan of any team you will probably have your own opinions on just which players should be part of the team about to take to the pitch or court! Sadly, you have no control over which players are the ones you are going to see playing against their opponents and will have to hope the team manager has made the correct decision.

When placing bets on any sporting events or sporting fixtures, you have a plethora of different wagering opportunities, much more than simply selecting the teams you think are going to win, and that is why more and more sports fans are actively betting on their favourite players and teams every time they have a match scheduled.

However, there is another way that you can get a huge amount of enjoyment out of being a spectator of any type of sporting events and fixtures, and that is by you make use of one of the many Bitcoin eSports betting sites.

By doing so you will be able to place some very short term or long term bets on your favourite team players, but not in the usual way that are offered at any betting sites or Sportsbooks, so read on to find out more about what exactly eSports betting is and how you can profit from you love of any sport!

Select Your Own Team of Players

The basic idea of Bitcoin eSports betting or in fact any type of eSports betting sites is that you are going to be able to put together your own unique team of players in one of many different sporting types.

For example if you love soccer then you can put together you own team of players who could be playing for different teams, and when each match in then played each player is awarded a number of points based on their performance on the pitch.

What you will of course be hoping, is that your chosen team players do play to their best form each week individually, as by doing so you will then amass a large number of points.

Your team will then be pitted against all other tournament entrants personally selected teams and as such the number of points each players team accumulated will see that punter then getting a position on a Leaderboard.

It will be the person whose team scores the most points at the end of each tournament that will ultimately seeing them picking up the cash prizes on offer on each individual Bitcoin eSports tournament. Some Bitcoin eSports tournaments have additional cash prizes up for grabs during the season too.

During the season on the more long term eSports tournaments you will also have the opportunity of swapping some of your underperforming players that make up your team for other players, and as such you do get something of a long term interest in these tournaments!

Bitcoin eSports Bonuses and Promotions

Bitcoin eSports bonuses can be something of a double edged sword for players, for what you are always going to find when you accept any type of bonus is a set of terms and conditions attached to them.

You will need to develop something of a sixth sense to be able to spot the best valued bonuses, for not all of them are going to give you the maximum chances of winning, and sadly some of them are simply going to tie up your deposited amount is a set of very high play through requirements.

As such you will be best advised to take a step back and decide for yourself whether you are happy to tie up your deposits due to the play through requirements such bonuses have attached to them, for by depositing and then entering eSports tournaments and competitions with your own deposited funds only you will be able to cash out at any time!

Also keep in mind that some bonuses can only be used on certain eSports events, and as such you may come across what you think is a generous and large valued bonus, which could be a sign up welcome bonus or an ongoing type of bonus, only to find you can only use the bonus funds on a handful of different eSports tournaments.

Spend a little bit of time looking through our review of different Bitcoin eSports betting sites and then checkout their respective websites, for you will find those we have chosen to present to you do offer some of the very best valued bonuses!

Tips for Entering Bitcoin eSports Tournaments

A lot of time and effort will be required if you are hoping to make sustained profits from eSports contests and tournaments, and you will need a deep understanding of the sporting activities you wish to use as the basis for your entries too.

However, if you are an avid sports fan then you will probably already have your finger on the pulse in regards to which teams, players and even team managers are in form, and you will be able to utilize your knowledge and experience to put together what you hope will be a winning team of players.

Keep in mind also that the more entries you make into any type of eSports competition or tournament the more chance you will have of winning, so if the rules permit you to put together more than one team then do consider doing so.

Many eSports bettors will also utilize some of the additional options available to them such as being able to transfer in and out players during a season, after all if you do have one or more players that isn’t playing up to form you will not want to be stuck with that player for the entire season. So do consider shipping out and swapping some of your selected players when you are permitted to do so!