Bitcoin Minesweeper

The number and types of games you can play when using a crypto currency such as Bitcoin as your preferred deposit option is on the increase. However, it does have to be said that some of the more classical types of games are very popular with online gamblers.

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Take for example the Bitcoin Minesweeper game, no skill is required to play this multi-stake game, and all that you will be hoping to do as you play it is to pick out locations on the grid in the hope you reveal a coin as opposed to a bomb.

By revealing a coin you will be rewarded with a prize, the value of which is determined by the stake in Bitcoin you are playing it for, and once you have revealed a coin you will then be given the option of collecting your winnings or continue picking locations to boost the value of your payout.

By aware though that on each additional pick you make from the Minesweeper screen you do run the risk of losing both your initial stake and any accumulated winnings if you reveal the dreaded bomb symbol.

In regards to the graphics and animations and additional sound effects, it is very true to say that you are not going to be blown away by just how stunning they are, for being a classic no nonsense type of game the Bitcoin Minesweeper game has been designed in a rather basic fashion.

However, having played it and also watched other people playing it, you do get something of a buzz out of the game, much more so when you have repeatedly selecting coins from the screen and your winnings start to increase.

1% House Edge of Bitcoin Minesweeper

The unique designed of the Bitcoin Minesweeper game is such that you are faced with a tiny house edge of around just 1%, which makes it a great playing and potentially high paying game, and one that may not eat away at your bankroll as quickly as some of the more standard casino games you will find art various different Bitcoin accepting casino sites.

Fairness is also fully guaranteed on this game, and as such being 100% random you do have a fair and very reasonable chance of winning, and possibly winning big too.

The one thing I did discover about it when playing it is that it can be a very addictive game to play, but keep in mind that as it is you that is picking out the locations from the grid, if everything doesn’t fall into place you could continually keep on revealing the bombs instead of the coins, so at times it can be a rather frustrating game to play too!

Keep in mind that there are also several different versions of this game available, depending on where you are playing, and as such you will find a range of different variants that whilst all having a different name will have something of an identical type of playing structure and format too.

Bitcoin Minesweeper Bonuses and Promotions

As you have just discovered the house edge attached to the Bitcoin Minesweeper game is so low that with some luck in playing you could quite quickly get onto one of those winning streaks players dream of, and when you do so your casino account balance could start to grow in value quite significantly.

However, as long as you are aware of the risks of playing ay provably fair game of chance you will be in a position to take the rough with the smooth, just don’t expect things to go as planned each time you play that game.

Having said that however, what you are going to often find tempting when playing at any casino site that does have that game on offer are a diverse range of different bonuses that you can claim, to increase the value of your bankroll and gambling budget.

It should be said however that when taking any type of bonus you have been offered you are then going to be tied into play through requirements and may also find yourself limited in regards to the stake you can play this game for.

With that in mind and due to the low house edge of this game it may be beneficial for you to not bother claiming bonuses to play it with, as that way when things do go your way and you win you will then not have to achieve the play through requirements attached to a bonus before you can cash out your winnings!

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Minesweeper Games

Never be in too much of a rush to play Bitcoin Minesweeper game online, for as soon as most people discover they can play this game online and win real money, they will simply sign up to the very first Bitcoin casino they come across and start it play.

With there being such a wide range of different versions of the game available, you will always be best advised to spend some time doing a little research to discover just how each variant of the game, available at different sites has been designed and structured.

Obviously, you will want to play the game that offers the very best paybacks, and sometimes that may see you playing a version that is not as graphically enhanced as some other version available at different Bitcoin games and casino sites.

What we would advise you to do is to checkout some of our featured Bitcoin accepting sites, as that way you are going to be able to see their versions of this game when you visit their websites, in fat most if not all of them will allow you to play the game for free and at no risk to see if you do enjoy playing it.

Just keep your wits about you when you do decide to get stuck into playing Bitcoin Minesweeper and always try and get the maximum playing value out of your bankroll, which may require you to make use of some of the many promotional offers and/or bonuses our featured sites have on offer to players.