Best Bets to Place on NetEnt’s Jungle Keno Game

One aspect of playing Keno that you need to be aware of is that each number grouping comes with its own payout percentage. As such, as a player, when you do come across a few different variants you may never have played before, but want to, you need to discover which number grouping is going to be returning the highest possible payouts.

With that in mind, and having studied the design of the Jungle Keno Game from NetEnt, the following guide is going to be revealing to you the long term expected payout percentages on each of the possible number groupings you can choose to place a bet one.

You cannot bet on just one single number when playing that game online however you can start placing bets on any number grouping containing two numbers of more. The payout percentages attached to the two number bet works out at 96.20%.

If you wish to place a bet on the three number grouping then sadly you are going to be placing a low valued bet for that number grouping has been designed to return a low payout percentage of some 95.74%!

Selecting four numbers will see you placing a wagering opportunity on which the payout percentage is some 96.08% which is a much better RTP than the one attached to the five number bet which has a payout percentage of a rather low and unappealing 95.65%.

The six number grouping is a fairly decent one for it will return a payout percentage of some 96.19% and the seven numbers grouping also comes with a fairly decent RTP of some 96.00%.

The final three number groupings that you can place a bet on when playing Jungle Keno game are the eight, nine and ten number groupings, and if you do decide to place a bet on those three betting opportunities then their respective payout percentages are 96.27%, 96.28% and 96.09%.

Having now found out all of the pay back information for that game you will be well advised to only ever place a nine number grouping bet when playing that variant, for as that comes with the highest payout percentage that being 96.28% you are going to be getting more playing value when you do so.

As all games developed and supplied by NetEnt including the Keno games are certified as being completely fair and random, then you are always going to have a fair chance of winning, but keep in mind the odds of you getting nine numbers out of nine are very high, so don’t expect to hit that winning combination each and every single time you play.

If fact, due to the very high amounts of cash that can be won by players playing Keno game it is an ideal game to play if you are seeking out a game that can be played for some very low stake amounts and want the chance of winnings some fairly huge winning payouts when playing such games.