Learn Which NetEnt Keno Game Bets are Worth Placing

Have you ever wondered what your chances of winning are going to be when playing games such as Keno? Well, if you have then this guide may just be of interest to you.

Below I am going to be revealing to you the not only the betting opportunities that will become available to you when playing at any NetEnt Bitcoin accepting casino site, but also I will be letting you know what the expected payout percentages are going to be on each number grouping too.

One of the advantages of choosing to play at a NetEnt software powered casino site is that you do have the option of placing low to high valued stakes on their standard Keno game, and you will also be accessing their huge range of games via an instant play platform.

So no downloading of software is required, but if you do wish to play Keno at those sites using a mobile device then most of the casinos that use the range of NetEnt designed and supplied games will have a downloadable casino app.

You can only place a bet on the standard Keno game from NetEnt on the number groupings from two to ten, so you will not be able to place a single number wager nor will you be able to place a number grouping higher in number than ten.

As such if you want to place the minimum amount of numbers on your Keno card with is therefore two numbers then the payout percentage on that betting option is 90.19%.

The more numbers you do pick the higher the potential winning payout will become if you do match all of the numbers of your Keno card with those called out of the Keno machine, and the three, four and five number grouping options have respective payout percentages over the long term of 91.58%, 91.45% and 92.02%!

You could be tempted to play a six, seven or eight number groping on your NetEnt Keno card and if you do then the pay backs offered over the long term on all three of those betting opportunities ate 92.09%, 91.47% and 91.81%.

The final two number groupings are of course the nine and ten ones, and when placing nine numbers on your card the RTP of that betting opportunity is 91.60% and the ten number bet returns a long term expected payout percentage of 91.84%!

Therefore for the best chances of winning or getting more of your stake money returned to you as winning payouts will be found on the six number bet due to it having an RTP of 92.09%.

Those RTP’s are sadly not as high as some other casino games such as video poker games or slot machines, and as such if you are something of an avid Keno game player then it may just be beneficial for you to made use of a Bitcoin accepting casinos sign up and ongoing bonus offers.

Claiming a 100% deposit match bonus for example will double the value of your deposit and bankroll, so you will get twice the amount of fun for half the cost when making use of such a bonus!