Master the Art of Playing Keno at Rival Powered Bitcoin Casinos

You may enjoy playing Keno, and if you are a fan of using Bitcoin as your preferred casino payment method then it may be worth checking out some Rival software powered casinos.

There are many of them available and it does have to be said that their Keno game does offer some reasonable but not stunningly high RTP’s! In fact, their Keno game is identical in regards to the ones found at Microgaming and Top Game powered casino sites.

If Keno is a game you like playing, and you enjoy the fact that you can win some fairly large amounts of cash with some luck in playing, even when playing or a tiny stake level, then below I am going to be revealing to you the payout percentages on each number grouping on the Rival variant.

Just keep in mind that as a player who wants to get more winning payouts over the long term, you should stick to placing your bets on the number grouping listed below that offers the very highest of payout percentages.

If there is one bet you should never place when playing the Rival designed Keno game it is the single number bet, making the mistake of placing one single number on your Keno card will see you getting a long term expected RTP of a pathetic 75.00%!

The payout percentages do improve somewhat when you place a two, three or four number bet for each of those number groupings has a payout percentage of 92.09%, 93.04% and 93.79% respectively.

You can of course place up to fifteen numbers on each keno card you choose to play off and with that in mind let me know give you some ideas of the RTP’s on the next number groupings.

Placing a five six or seven number bet will see the paybacks on offer in regards to the payout percentages on those three keno betting opportunities being 93.87% ,93.79% and 94.15% respectively.

The eight, nine and ten number groupings have something of a reasonable but not too high set of payout percentages, those being 92.90%, 93.43% and 94.54% respectively.

Moving onto the next number groupings that you may be tempted to have a bet on when playing Rival Keno those being the eleven, twelve and thirteen number groupings the RTP’s associated with those betting opportunities are 93.10%, 94.22% and 94.90% respectively.

Be aware that it is the thirteen numbers grouping that has the very highest long term expected payout percentage for the fourteen and fifteen number grouping bets offer RTP’s of 94.27% and 94.39%.

So there you have it, if you do wish to play Keno at an online casino site and you wish to use Bitcoin as the way in which you make deposits and get paid out your winnings at a Rival software powered casino site, to get the highest number of winning payouts over the long term you should stick to selecting thirteen numbers to have on each Keno card you play off!