The Mathematics of Keno at RTG Powered Bitcoin Casinos

Real Time Gaming or RTG as they are known are an online casino game software and games designer, whose software does power a lot of Bitcoin accepting casino sites.

Their range of games are quite varied and as such you are likely to find plenty of games to play that will tickle your fancy when selecting a casino site using their gaming platforms and their range of casino games.

They have their own unique Keno game on offer, which sadly, in regards to its long term expected payouts percentage is not the very best paying one, but it may be a game you fancy playing every now and then.

You have the ability of picking out from one to fifteen numbers on each Keno card out do decide to send into live play, but be aware that each possible number grouping does return a different long term expected payouts percentage.

To have the best chances of getting more of your stake money returned to you over your long term play you will be best advised to stick to pacing your bets on the one number grouping that does return the highest possible payout percentage.

With that in mind I shall number run through each of the possible number grouping that you can place a bet on when playing RTG Keno at a Bitcoin accepting casino site.

You will be throwing your money away if you select just one number on your Keno card, for that betting opportunity has a payout percentage of a very low and very unappealing 75.00%!

Things get ever so slightly better when you choose to play a two, three or four number grouping bet for the RTP’s that are associated with those three RTG keno number groupings are 84.18%, 83.25% and 84.51% respectively.

Placing a five, six of seven number grouping bet on RTG Keno games will see the long term expected payout percentages you will be getting on those three betting opportunities being 84.10%, 81.42% and 85.16% respectively which are not that amazing to be honest!

You could choose to place an eight, nine or ten number grouping bet and by doing so the respective RTP’s of those three bets are 85.41%, 85.03% and 86.64%.

The very best bet you can place on RTG Keno is the eleven numbers grouping for the payouts that can be awarded to you on that betting opportunity are designed to return the highest possible RTP over the long term that being a respectable 86.75%.

The final set of number groupings that you may be tempted to place are the twelve number groupings which has a payout percentage of 84.31%, the thirteen number grouping has a long term expected RTP of some 82.70%.

You will be placing a bet on which the payout percentage is 85.41% when placing a fourteen number bet on RTG’s Keno game and the final number grouping you could choose to pick is the fifteen number grouping bet on which the payout percentage is some 84.42%!