Win Big Playing Progressive Cryptocurrency Roulette Games

Many different casino game designers have at one time or another launched a roulette game on which a progressive jackpot can be won.

However, when it comes to a variant that you will find on offer at cryptocurrency accepting casino sites, it is the iSoftBet variant of progressive Roulette that you will often come across, and I do have to say it is quite a fun to play variant too.

Now, the one thing that you do always need to ensure you do when playing this Progressive Roulette game is to place the side bet wager, that wager will cost you one coin or token when playing in a  cryptocurrency or one single unit of any fiat currency you may be playing it for.

Once you have placed the side bet wager and have additionally placed any other wagers onto the betting layout you send the ball into motion by clicking onto the spin button.

By doing so you will be hoping that the same number is the one spun in several times on the trot, for the more times any one single number spins in the bigger and higher in value your side bet bonus winning payout will become.

I should point out that it is the European Roulette game that is the base game on this particular variant, so you will only find one single zero in play on the wheel and the base game has a house edge of 2.70%, the side bet does of course have a slightly higher house edge associated with it.

By spinning in the same number twice if you have placed the side bet wager then a bonus payout will be awarded to you that will be worth fifteen times your side bet wagered amount. That bet will then start active and in play on the betting layout for the next spin you play off.

If luck strikes and the same number then spins in a third time on the trot another bonus payout is awarded to you, however that one is worth a much higher valued 200 times you wagered side bet amount.

Things will start to get very interesting if you do get the same number spinning in three times on the trot for when it does the side bet wager once again stays active on the betting layout for the next spin, on which a bonus payout worth 3000 times you side bet wagered amount if the same number spins in a fourth time.

It is at that point in time you will be hoping on the very next spin you play off the same number then spins in a fifth time, and if it does you are awarded with the progressive jackpot that is displayed on the jackpot meter.

Be aware that the iSoftBet Progressive Roulette game is 100% random and as such there is never any way of knowing in advance just what numbers can and will be spun in, and being random the progressive jackpot can and often does grow to some huge amounts too!