Which Slots Are Like Break da Bank | How Many Slots Are the Same?

Now there should be a wealth warning attached to slot games like Break Da Bank, for they are classified as high variance slots, and as such when playing them they can soon eat away at even the largest of bankrolls!

However, one thing that all slots similar to Break Da Bank do give players is the chance of winning big, and not necessarily when playing are playing them for high stake amounts either!

Microgaming are the company that launched the original Break Da Bank slot and over the years they have launched a range of similar slots which have the similar names but have slightly different playing structures attached to them.

The first slot they launched in that series was a very basic looking and playing three-reel slot, and whilst there were only three reels attached to it players could choose to play up to five different pay lines on each spin they played off and could also change the coin denominations they played for too.

That original slot is still available online, but not long after its launched Microgaming then launched a video slot version of it.

The way that video slot like Break Da Bank works and operates is as a five reel slot on which players can choose to put into play up to 9 optional pay lines, and it was also another multi stake slot so players could play around with the coin values but also increase the number of coins they wager on each pay line that they have chosen to activate.

What makes the video slot version of the Break Da Bank slot even more high variance than the original three-reel version of the slot is that there are special wild symbols in play on the reels but also a potentially huge paying bonus game that can also be triggered.

During the base game of the Break Da Bank Again slot, which is the name of the video slot version, all wild symbols that form a winning combination boosts all pay-outs that they have helped to form by five times their normal values.

However, whenever the bonus game has been triggered on that similar slot the wild symbols then boost the value of all winning pay-outs that they have helped to form by a huge 25 times their normal pay-outs!

That slot like Break Da Bank is a much sought after one by players who are looking to have the chance of winning some mega sized winning pay-outs, but Microgaming have recently launched an additional slot in the series that being the Mega Spin version of the Break Da Bank Again slot.

The way that Mega Spin slot works is that players will be playing four of those slots all from one single screen, so whilst you could win four times faster when playing it you could also lose four times as quick than you ever would when playing the single play version of that slot!

What I would strongly advise you to do if you do fancy getting stuck into playing any of the slots like Break Da Bank is to play them with small stake levels in live play, and possibly take advantage of a casino bonus to help you boost the value of your bankroll and get more play time out of your bankroll too!