Bet on the Kentucky Derby Using Bitcoin

If there is one horse race you should try and watch each year it is of course the Kentucky Derby.

However, if you intend to join the 150,000+ people who make the annual pilgrimage to Churchill Downs, or are one of the many millions of people who watch that race on TV, then there is a way to liven up your interest in it.

That is of course to have a bet on it! There are plenty of betting sites that accept Bitcoin at which you are going to be able to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby, and if you pick the right one you are going to be showered with plenty of additional extras.

All Bitcoin betting sites that accept bets on the Kentucky Derby need to attract a large volume of wagers to be placed on that race, to ensure they get a rounded book, and can then make a profit, and many of them will give you a range of promotional offers to either get you to sign up to their betting sites or place a bet on that race if you already hold an account with them.

Incentives that you will find on offer to you to get you to bet on the Kentucky Derby using Bitcoin include increased payout odds on selected horses, or in some cases you will find a Bitcoin bookmaker offering an increase number of places in which they will payout each way bets to.

A free bet of the equal value of the very first one you place when signing up to a number of different Bitcoin Sportsbooks is another type of Kentucky Derby Bitcoin betting bonus you will often find available to you, which is a popular one to make use of to get plenty of additional betting value.

In regards to which is going to be the most likely winner of the Kentucky Derby, that decision is something you and you alone are going to have to make, but the favourite is not always going to win that race as past history as proven!

If you are tempted to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby then you will be best off looking for some value which not only entails you looking at horses that are not the favourite in the betting but also shopping around for the bets odds on the horse you do think will win.

The top rated betting sites are always going to pay you out any winnings once the result is known, so one of the benefits of using Bitcoin as your chosen betting site payment method is that winning payouts do tend to get processed instantly back to your Bitcoin wallet.

Maximum payout limits however can also often be in place at some betting sites, so keep that in mind if you fancy lumping on and betting big on any type of sporting event, to ensure you will not lose out on any of your winnings!