Auto Hold is Critical When Playing Video Poker

I have yet to find two video poker players that will agree on the optimal strategy to use when playing the same video poker game variant.

However, make no mistake about it, when playing any video poker game there is a correct way to play, and if you do veer off perfect strategy then you are going to affect your chances of winning and will reduce the payout percentage on the machines you have chosen to play.

If you have never played video poker before, then it is a fairly simple game to understand, however it can take years for a player to master playing it.

You are first required to choose a coin value setting on the machine you have chosen to play and will then need to select how many coins to wager. As there is often an enhanced jackpot payout when playing for the maximum five coins per hand stake, then the correct way to play is by playing with five coins wagered.

Once you have played around with the stakes and coin values then you simply need to click onto the deal button, and by doing so five cards are dealt out of a single deck, and you are then required to work out which cards are the best ones to hold for the second stage of the game.

You hold the cards either by clicking on them on the screen or by clicking the aptly named hold buttons underneath the cards.

The next stage of the game will simply see you clicking onto the deal button one final time and by doing so the card you didn’t hold are cleared off the screen and new ones then get dealt out of the deck to replace them.

At that stage of the game if you have formed any of the winning hand combinations that are displayed on the pay table you are then awarded those winning payouts.

There are however going to be a huge number of possible initial hand combinations you could be dealt out and learning how to play them off would take a huge amount of time and effort.

But if you play at one of the numerous Bitcoin accepting casino sites that offer an auto hold option setting then by turning it on before you start to play as soon as you have been dealt out your initial five cards the game will hold the best ones automatically for you.

Therefore no matter how many hands you choose to play off, and irrespective of whether you are an inexperienced or highly experience player, by using the auto hold option setting you are never going to make any player errors.

Over time you will then get as close as is possible to the long term expected RTP of the variant you are playing. However, in the short term your single session RTP’s can swing in one direction or another, depending on just how lucky you have been.