Pros and Cons of Accepting a Bitcoin Bookmaker Matched Bet

As part of a welcome bonus when you sign up to some Bitcoin accepting bookmaker’s sites, you are often going to be offered something known as a free matched bet.

Those types of bonuses are commonly available when there is a major sporting event about to start, such as when the Grand National is running or for example when the World Cup final is fast approaching.

The way in which a free matched bet is designed however can and will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, and it is always going to be important that you double check the individual terms and conditions to see just how that bonus will be awarded to you.

You are however going to have to make a deposit and then place a bet on the listed sporting event, and by doing you will then qualify for a free bet up to a certain value on an additional sporting event.

The first thing to make a point of finding out is whether your matched bet is a high valued one, and also if you will be awarded it if the first sporting event you bet on is either a winning one or a losing one.

Obviously the best valued free matched bets are going to be awarded to you irrespective of whether your initial paid for bet wins or loses, and those that have the highest matched value are going to be ones worth claiming too.

Another aspect of those types of bonuses is in regards to how the winnings, if you are lucky to achieve any on the matched bet are going to be paid out to you.

Some bookmakers will award the winnings from a matched bet as bonus funds, which you are going to have to wager though at least once before they become real money credits. However, some betting sites and bookmakers will award any winnings as real cash credits, which you can do with as you please, once they have been credited to your betting account.

The stake of a free matched bet is often not returned to you as part of your winnings, so for example if you are awarded with a £50 matched bet and it wins at odds of 2 to 1, then you will only receive £100 in winnings, with the stake being voided out.

Keep in mind also that as mentioned above these types of bonuses do tend to become much more generous when there is a major sporting event scheduled to start, so if you do not hold many different betting site accounts, it may be beneficial for you to open some up as those major sporting events are about to start, to take advantage of such bonuses.

But always, and I do mean always, read through the terms and conditions, for many sports bettors fall foul of some of those bonus rules when they have not familiarised themselves with them, and risk getting any winnings or the bonus funds voided!