Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Games for UK Players

If you live in the United Kingdom and you enjoy playing casino games online or in a land based casino venue, there are some games that you will often find you are drawn into playing time and time again.

One of the most popular games that many UK players do love playing is Roulette, however when you do play online as opposed to at your local land based casino you are going to come across lots of different variants of Roulette.

The two games that are the best ones to play are the French Roulette game, which, if you only ever place even money bets, offers a tiny house edge of just 1.35% on those bets.

However, if you tend to place any other type of bet then the European Roulette game variant should be at the top of your list of games to play, as it offers a house edge of a very reasonable 2.70%. Avoid playing the American Roulette game at any Bitcoin accepting casino site for the double zero design of that game returns a house edge of a huge and very unappealing 5.26%!

Whilst you may enjoy playing slot machines, keep in mind that in addition to casino styled slots offering huge jackpots and bonus games, you will also find many Bitcoin casinos will offer you a range of fruit machines too.

Those fruit machines are going to be very similar to the ones you may have played in your local pub, club or amusement arcade and will be designed as low stake slots jam packed full of regularly triggering bonus games and bonus features.

The one major advantage of playing fruit machines online is that the payout percentages are going to be much, much higher than are on offer on land based fruit machines, so you will get more winning payouts and much longer playing sessions when playing them online.

If it is card games you love playing more than anything, then you need to be aware of the fact that unlike land based UK casinos that tend to offer only a limited number of Blackjack games, when playing online you will often find dozens of different variants on offer to you.

By comparing the game play rules attached to each Blackjack game variant you will find some that are set with some miniscule house edges, one that springs to mind is the Microgaming designed single hand Classic Blackjack game.

That game boasts a house edge of just 0.13%! Also do check out the Blackjack Switch game available at casino sites that utilize the Playtech range of games.

When playing that Blackjack game variant you get dealt out two different hands, and can swap cards between each hand, and that unique playing rule, when you master playing Blackjack Switch, results in the house edge of the game being a very low and very appealing 0.16%, which makes it another card game worth tracking down and playing online!