Bonus Payouts on Bitcoin Spanish Blackjack

I am not sure about you, but I often like to swap and change the Blackjack games I play online, and that is certainly going to be something you can do when playing at any Bitcoin accepting casinos!

What you ideally will need to look for however, is a casino site that uses one of the gaming platforms from the major suppliers such as Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech or even Microgaming, for when you do so you are going to come across a large selection of different Blackjack game variants at those sites.

One game that I think many players will enjoy playing is the game of Spanish Blackjack, for there is are two differences regarding that game when compared to most others, and that is each deck has just 48 cards, as the 10 cards have been removed and players can be rewarded with several bonus payouts too.

Those bonus payouts do not require you to have to place any type of side bet, which is often something you do have to place on most other bonus payout awarding Blackjack games!

If you do fancy broadening your horizons so to speak and fancy playing Spanish Blackjack then allow me to walk you through the rules of that game, and give you an insight into what bonus payouts you may be awarded when playing it.

There are usually 8 decks of cards in the shoe of this game, and the Dealer is forced to hit every hand he has dealt out to himself if it is valued at a soft 17 or lower.

Also, players can split and then re-split Aces and any unalike picture cards and are also offered Late Surrender too. It will though, be the bonus payouts that are possibly going to interest you the most, so let me now walk you through each off them.

The bonus payouts are not awarded if you split a hand or double down on any hand, and the first set of them you could be rewarded with are for a 5 card, 6 card or 7 or more cards 21 valued hand, as those hands award a payout of 3 to 2, 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 respectively.

Another set of bonus payouts are awarded to players if and when they are dealt out any three 7 cards or a 6, 7 and 8 hand and those payouts are 3 to 2 if those cards are in any suit, 2 to 1 if they are in the same suit but if they are in the suit of spades those bonus payouts grow in value to 3 to 1.

What you will be hoping for however when playing Spanish Blackjack is that the Dealer get dealt out as his first card a 7, and you then get dealt out as your first three cards to your hand three 7 cards in the same suit, for when you do so a winning payout worth 50 to 1 of your staked amount is then paid out to you!