Bitcoin Casino Withdrawal Options

One question that you may have, if you are thinking of signing up to a casino site and funding your account using Bitcoin, is just what withdrawal options are going to be available to you if you win, and whether you are going to be forced to have to cash out your winnings back to your Bitcoin Wallet.

As is always the case, it is going to be dependent on just which Bitcoin accepting casino sites you do sign up to and play at, as to just how wide and diverse, if at all, their withdrawal options and payout methods will be.

Some casinos always insist that players requesting a withdrawal must have their winning payouts paid back out to the same method as they deposited with, so at those casinos you will not have any chose in regards to how you can cash out your winnings!

However, there are plenty of other casino sites that are always going to give their players a wide range of different withdrawal options when they have won and wish to cash out their winnings, but there are pros and cons of choosing one payment method over any other!

Take for example if you want to be paid out using Western Union or Money Gram, some casino sites will have those two money transfer services available to their winning customers. However, you are going to have to pay some huge fees to get paid out by either of those two methods, so unless you have no other option, never select them as the way you get paid!

Getting paid out by a check is something that you may prefer doing, but keep in mind that additional fees will have to be paid when you select that method, and if you want your check delivered rapidly then you will have to pay courier fees on top of the check fee too!

A bank wire or bank transfer may be the ideal solution if you have a large winning payout you want to get processed and sent out to you, in fact some banks now offer a speedy payment system, so you could receive your winnings into your bank account within 2 hours of the casino sending them.

Just make sure however you do check the time scales associated with using a bank wire or transfer and any additional fees that not only the casino will charge you but the bank could charge you too!

Web and e-wallets are another popular way that some players prefer getting paid out their winnings, and there will be plenty of them to pick and choose from at most casino sites, including Paypal, Skrill and Neteller to name but a few.

You may also be able to withdrawal winnings achieved from a Bitcoin deposit in another cryptocurrency, however not many casinos both accept Bitcoin and offer other digital currency payment options, so you may be very limited in regards to the casino sites you can play at that do offer such payment options!