Bitcoin Keno

Never let it be said that as a user of Bitcoin and a gambler that you are going to find only a small selection of casino type games available to you online. One game that you will always come across when playing at a Bitcoin casino is Keno, and is it certainly a game worth playing when you fancy a change of pace!

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The Bitcoin Keno games you will come across are much like all other games, 100% random and it does have to be said that Bitcoin Keno does come with a much more realistic and low house edge, compared to some variants available in a brick and mortar casino!

It is a number predicting game, but one of which you do have a range of different options in regards to the numbers you can pick out and place onto your card.

You will of course need to first select the stake you wish to play for, and then select the different set of numbers you want to have in live play on your Bitcoin keno card. On the more standard variants there are 80 balls in play in the drum, and 20 of them will be selected completely at random on each game you play off.

It is up to you just how many numbers you select, and you ill of course be hoping that you get as many of your chosen numbers being selected and pulled out of the drum, the more you match the bigger your winning payout will become.

Different Versions of Bitcoin Keno

Whilst many Bitcoin Keno games will have a fixed winning payout dependent on how many number you select and then match, there are a new breed of games on which you have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

However, when playing those variants keep in mind there is often a requirement to place either a side bet or put into play the maximum required stake to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

You will also need to match all of the number you have selected to win that jackpot, but by matching a smaller set of number you have picked out you will instead win a fixed number of coins.

In fact, we have come across some variants which can offer more than one progressive jackpot, but always keep in mind that it is your stakes and the stakes of all other players that are feeding the jackpot pools, and as such the RTP of progressive Bitcoin Keno games can be slightly lower than some other variants when you take into account your jackpot contribution!

Keep in mind however that the human mind is wired in such a way that you can often see patterns forming and as such you may be tempted to pick out numbers that have been previously selected and drawn out of the Keno drum.

But as every single individual game you play off is random, you do have a reasonable chance of winning no matter how many or which numbers you have selected.

Bitcoin Keno Game Bonuses and Promotions

Due to there being quite a range of different Bitcoin Keno game you can play online you need to be fully aware that if you have chosen to claim any bonuses offered by the casino or games site you are playing at as a real money player, you may not be permitted to play every single one of those different variants with your bonus credits.

Take for example progressive Bitcoin Keno games, as a percentage of your stakes are being used to feed the jackpot pool or pools on games with more than one progressive jackpot, many casinos will not let you use their bonuses on those types of games.

However, you will of course find that there will be plenty of standard Keno games that you will be able to use with bonus credits, so if you are looking for ways that allow you to then have a much longer Keno game playing session it may be beneficial to make use of those bonus offers.

Just make sure that you fully fimialirze yourself with all of the terms and conditions attached to any bonuses you claim and make use of, for you will not want to end up claiming a bonus that has such a high set of play through requirement you are going to run the risk of blowing your bankroll and the bonus funds before you get anywhere near a position in your session when you achieve those play through requirements!

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Keno Games

One thing that I have found when researching different Bitcoin Keno games, is that each individual number grouping that you can palace onto your card and ager on will often come with a different long term expected payout percentage.

One mistake that many players will make when playing Keno is to simply select the higher amount of numbers that they are permitted to place onto their Keno card, and that could see them being blissfully unaware that those agers offer a much lower payout percentage than the lower number groupings they can bet on.

As such never let you judgement be clouded by the huge potential winning you can achieve when you do set about playing Bitcoin Keno online, for it is often going to be the case those betting opportunities with a lower set of winning payouts may be offering you the highest possible RTP’s over your long term play.

If you want to have the added advantage of being able to cash out your winnings whenever you wish to cash them out and not being forced to have to wager a certain amount then consider not making use of any bonuses, as the terms and conditions attached to bonuses that can be used on Keno games could come with high play through requirements.

The higher the play through requirements that are attached to any bonus the more risk you will have of busting out your bankroll and any early session winnings before you achieve them!