Bitcoin Scratch Cards

It will surprise you to learn the sales of scratch cards are as high as they are, and all over the world many millions of them are sold every single day of the week, with people hoping they can bag a small fortune for a relatively small outlay.

However, the actual payout percentages on the vast majority of scratch cards that you can purchase from any retail store or lottery ticket type of retail outlet are appallingly low, with on average only one in four cards actually being winning ones.

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When you do purchase physical scratch card what you have to keep in mind is that there are a lot of companies and organisations taking a cut of the price of them, with the retail outlet and organiser of the cards getting a hefty cut and also the charitable organisations who benefit from those cards also getting a fairly large percentage of the price each card sold!

As such and with all of the above in mind, many experienced gamblers will shy away from ever buying such a card, for the odds of them winning are low, and even if they are lucky enough to purchase a winning card they may only get their stake money back as a winning payout!

But when you switch over to playing Bitcoin scratch cards you will find you will be getting much better winning odds and have the chance of winning some higher valued winning payouts too, so they are much more attractive games to play online to anyone who does get the urge to play them.

Easy to Play Bitcoin Scratch Card games

Unlike when you buy a scratch card, when you choose to play them online at a Bitcoin accepting casino set you are going to find you can play them for a range of different staking options, and as such they do not have a set in stone price or stake.

You will, once you have made your decision on how much you wish to wager, then have a couple of different ways of revealing just what is hiding underneath each of the scratch off areas on each card.

You can opt to click on the reveal all button and by doing so the game ill then automatically scratch off each panel for you, for you can of course wiggle your mouse over each panel and that will then reveal what is underneath each of the scratch off panels.

Often, to make them slightly more interesting games to play you will find some form of unique animations in play on them and there can actually be some unique software effect and additional graphics in play on each card too.

If you are wondering just how much you stand to win when playing Bitcoin scratch card games online, then that will of course ultimately be determined by just which ones you chose to play, for some have fairly low to mediums valued winning payouts, however some can award jackpots worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of times your initial staked amount!

Bitcoin Scratch Card Bonuses and Promotions

You should not find it too difficult to find a Bitcoin casino site that is going to be given away all manner of different types of bonuses when you sign up and play at any of them which will permit out to use your bonus credits on scratchcard games.

However, what you will be ideally looking for are bonuses that will enable you to get a lot of extended play time, and which will also give you the fairest chance of actually winning with your bonus credits.

Keep in mind at all times that the more scratchcard game you are going to be able to play with your bankroll, the more of a chance you will then have of getting a winning card and one that could be a potentially huge paying card too.

As such there is no doubt in my mind the savviest scratchcard players will be looking for the highest valued deposit match bonuses, and as such please take a look at our featured Bitcoin casino sites, for we have been able to negotiate some exclusive and very high valued bonuses with those sites.

As long as you pick the bonus offers that will match the highest percentage of your Bitcoin deposit, and the bonuses with a relatively low set of play through requirements you will then in turn get plenty of winning opportunities and much more play time out of your bankroll too!

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Scratch Card Games

Sadly in regards to skill and playing tips in regards to playing off a scratchcard game you are left to the mercy of the way in which each game determines the outcome, however playing at a Bitcoin casino will of course allow you to prove the outcome was indeed random fair and true.

One thing you should avoid going however is to let greed cloud your judgement, for it is quite easy for a player to start of playing for low stake amounts, but after a series of winning outcomes get a sense of invincibility.

When anyone do feel they cannot lose they will then start to increase their stakes, and it will then only take a bad run of luck for that player to quickly blow their winnings and possibly their initial deposit too.

As such the best way to play Bitcoin scratchcard games is for you to pre-plan your session in advance, pick out a range of different cards to play off and also select a unit stake that your bankroll can sustain.

Keep in mind that the lower the stake you do play in relation to your available bankroll the more cards you will then get to play off, and it will only take you to be lucky enough to get a high paying card for you to see a huge profit, in which case try and cash out those winnings back to your chosen Bitcoin Wallet!