Live Dealer Bitcoin Casinos


Thanks to the provable fairness of all Bitcoin casino games, you will get a much greater sense of fair play when you play any software driven type of casino game at any site offering such games.

However, it does have to be said that many casino card and game players are going to be attracted to playing the next generation of those games, those being the ones available at a Live Dealer Bitcoin casino site.

The way in which those sites run and operate is that they employ real casino Dealers and Croupiers to man and operate each game, and each game will have one or more cameras focussed upon them and the footage from those cameras are broadcast over the net directly to your computer.

As a player you are then able to fund your live Dealer Bitcoin casino account in much the same way as you could when playing at any Bitcoin accepting casinos, and can remotely, from your computer place your bets and wager onto the live gaming tables.

You then make all of your betting decisions via your computer which are then fed directly to those live Dealers and Croupiers, and you then get to watch the game progress via the live video stream.

With the addition of chat room you are going to find these types of Bitcoin casino games much more enjoyable and social games to play, as you can interact with both the Dealers and Croupiers and if you like you can also chat to your fellow players sat around the gaming tables too.

Most Popular Live Dealer Bitcoin Casino Games

If you do fancy getting stuck into this type of fun to play and much more social types of Bitcoin casino games, then you all of course need to know just which games are going to be available to you.

Probably one of the most played games are the live Bitcoin Roulette games, however one thing to note is that to ensure you are up against the very lowest of house edge you will be far better advised to contract your playing efforts on the single zero variants, which have a considerably lower house edge than that of the double zero American Roulette variant!

Live Bitcoin Baccarat and Blackjack game are also available, and whilst there is no skill involved in playing Baccarat to get the best winning chances when playing Blackjack you should try and master playing that game as by doing so you will then get the house edge down to some very low amounts.

Make sure when playing Baccarat the house commission is as low as possible, and when playing live Dealer Blackjack make sure the payout for a winning unmated players Blackjack Hand is 3 to 2 and not the much lower paying 6 to 5 payout.

You will also come across a range of different casino poker card game variants at most Bitcoin live Dealer Casinos, but it will be the game play rules and the associated winning payouts you are awarded with different poker hands when playing those types of games that will ultimately determine if they are worth playing by virtue of a low house edge!

Bitcoin Live Dealer Casino Bonuses and Promotions

The first thing that you will have on offer to you if you do fancy getting stuck into playing live Dealer casino games at any Bitcoin casino site is a new player sign up welcome bonus, but be aware the value of those bonuses and the type of Bitcoin bonus will vary from site to site.

You will find that whilst some casino sites will allow you to utilize their welcome bonuses on games such as live Dealer games and other more standard Bitcoin casino games not all of them will!

As such players will be best advised to spend some time studying the terms and conditions of each available new player bonus to discover just which games they can play and which ones they can’t, if they are thinking of claiming any such sign up bonus offers.

Sadly due to the tiny house edges on live Dealer game you may find the actual play through requirements on any bonuses that can be used on those games will be quite high, compared to when you play some of the more standard games.

However, having said that as long as you make the wise decision of playing at any of our approved Bitcoin casino sites we are more than confident you will then be gaining access to the most generous bonuses that will always give you more than a fair chance of ending your bonus play session in profit, but it’s your decision if you do claim any bonuses of course!

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Live Dealer Games

It is the house edge that will be the most important aspect of any live dealer Bitcoin casino game you choose to play, but it can actually be quite difficult for you to work that out!

However, many Bitcoin accepting casino sites do give players access to some very informative help files that are attached to each individual game, and by reading them through you will often find the house edge of each game listed somewhere on those help files.

Playing games such as live Bitcoin Roulette will see you being much better of looking for a single zero variant which has a much lower house edge that double zero variants. In fact, of you only place even money paying wagers then opt for a French Roulette variant as the house edge on that games even money paying betting decisions are just 1.35%.

Try and get hold of a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you fancy getting stuck into play if you much prefer playing live Bitcoin Blackjack games, as by doing so when you are dealt out your initial two playing cards the strategy card will show you the best playing decision to make based on just what card the Dealer is showing in his or her hand!