Free Spins Slots Like Kathmandu | Can I Play Any Alternatives?

You should have plenty of fun whenever you set about playing the slots like Kathmandu, and if you are interested in playing such slots then look out for the Beach Babes slot, for it comes with an identical playing structure and one that is fully configurable to suit all players stakes too.

An abundance of pay lines often makes some slot games very expensive to play if you chose to put into play all of them, however all slots that have been designed to be similar to Kathmandu only have nine optional pay lines so max bet spins are in no way going to be expensive to play off.

What gives the slots like Kathmandu their high variance is the way in which the base game and the bonus game have been designed and structured. For you will not get as many low valued winning pay-outs spinning in when playing off the base game to make way for the much higher paying ones.

The bonus game is a set of free spins, and by spinning into view three or more of the scatter symbols on either of those two clones slots you will then get awarded a set of 15 free spins, and as they are all playing off you will find a x5 multiplier boost the value of all free spins spun in winning combinations!

For you to be able to accurately decide for yourself whether any of the slot like Kathmandu are going to be good paying ones and slots that will give you plenty of play time from your bankroll, you will of course need to know the pay-out percentages of those slots.

The pay-out percentages I am happy to let you know have been set high and they are 96.29% on each of those slots, so over the long term you should get a fair old percentage of your stake money return to you as winning pay-outs but in the short term you will have both winning and losing sessions of course!

As for any hints and tips regarding the bets and most optimal way to play any slots like Kathmandu, well you do need to factor into your unit stake per spin and your bankroll the very high variance nature of those slots.

So, I would suggest you play them in such a way that you are going to be able to achieve at least one hundred and fifty base game spins at least per session you have playing any of those slots.

By choosing to play off at least that many spins, you will always find you have an excellent chance of triggering the bonus game at least once during each session, but as each of those slots are completely random you could end up triggering more than one bonus game, or sadly none at all, but that is the thrill of playing slots, you never know when you are going to win!

By choosing to play slots like Kathmandu at the casino sites we have chosen to present to you on this website, if you do fancy signing up to any of those casinos you do see listed on this site that you haven’t played at before you will have access to some rather generous sign up welcome bonuses.

Even if you do choose to deposit using any of the cryptocurrencies those casino sites have listed on their banking interface you are still going to be able to qualify for those bonuses which can then be used on any of the slot games mentioned above, so do try and claim some of them!