Which Slots Are Like Adventure Palace | How Many Slots Are the Same?

If you choose to play at any of the Bitcoin accepting casino sites that have been reviewed throughout this website, you are going to find several slots like Adventure Palace on offer, one of those slots is one of the most played online slots that being the Thunderstruck slot.

There is a very straight forward type of playing structure on offer on each of those slots similar to Adventure Palace, and with just nine optional pay lines they will never be slots you cannot afford to play for not only are the pay lines configurable so are the coin and stake values too.

You are always going to be able to send into live play as many or as few of the nine pay lines as you see fit, but keep in mind that as this slot offers players a free spins bonus game, the optimal way to play off each base game spins is with every pay line in play.

By doing so whenever you then spin in three or more of the scatter symbols on any slots like Adventure Place all nine lines will be in play for the fifteen free spins you will then get to play off, and the pay-outs spin in when playing off that bonus game are for reference tripled in value too!

With just nine pay liens on offer on each of the slots like Adventure Place, and as there is such a high multiplier value in play during the free spins bonus round, and also as the free spins can also be re-triggered the optimal way to play this slot is with every single pay line activated and put into live play, so make sure that is how you choose to play it!

By doing so you are never going to be sat there annoyed with yourself if you spin in the jackpot paying winning combination on a pay lien that you haven’t activated and sent into play, which there is always going to be a risk of you doing when not playing maximum pay line spins.

The jackpot that can be won on the slots that are similar to Adventure Palace slot is huge, and by playing or the maximum permitted stake and having just one coin in play on each pay line you can win 100,000 coins via that jackpot.

But, if you can afford to do so and you increase the coins you wager on each line you end into live play that jackpot increases by an additional 10,000 coin for each coin per line you do wager per spin!

One additional aspect that you are bound to find very appealing about each of the many slots like Adventure Palace is that their pay-out percentages have ben set high, and for reference the long term expected RTP of each of those slot games is some 96.10% which should make them great paying slots as well as great playing ones too!

With you having so many different slot games like Adventure Palace available to you, then you may be tempted to give all of them some play time, and to make that something you can afford to do I would urge you to make use of the bonuses that are free flowing at each of our featured casinos.

Those casino sites that you will see reviewed and listed throughout this site all accept Bitcoin and when making a deposit with that or any other cryptocurrency you wish to utilize as your deposit option, new player bonuses are then going to be on offer to you.