Progressive Slots Like Cash Splash | What Alternatives Can I Play?

Slots that offer both a progressive jackpot and are fast playing ones are always going to be popular with players, and one slot that has stood the test of time is Microgaming’s Cash Splash slot.

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There are now actually two different versions of that slot, and plenty of alternatives to the Cash Splash slot too, and in this guide I will enlighten you on what makes them all so very playable and what you can expect to find if you do give any of them any amount of play time at our featured Bitcoin casino sites too!

All slots like Cash Splash will require you to play for a stake of 3.00 in whichever currency you have your casino account set at, and by doing so then you will have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

If you choose to play the three-reel single pay line version of the Cash Splash slot, then you will find the coin values on that slot are fixed at 1.00 and as such playing three coins will then give you the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

It will take all three of the logo symbols to land on the pay line for that jackpot to be awarded to you, however playing the 15-pay line version of that slot, you need to get all five of the logo symbols forming on the fifteenth pay line to then be awarded with the progressive jackpot.

For reference the coin value settings on the 15 pay line version of the Cash Splash slot and all similar slots to Cash Splash are set at 0.20, so the maximum bet stake is the same on both that version and the three reel version of the slot.

All slots similar to Cash Splash do not have any bonus games or bonus features, for they have been designed as very basic playing slots, which do appeal to some players.

Keep in mind that slots like Cash Splash and all of Microgaming’s other progressive slots can and do award some mega sized winning pay-outs to players, and if you ever do win a progressive jackpot playing any of then your winnings are paid out to you in one single payment.

The slots like Cash Splash include the WowPot slot, but when playing the 15 pay line or three reel single pay line version of that alternative slot, the maximum stake you will be playing for is just 1.50, so it is a lower stake slot and one that you may also enjoy playing.

If you can afford to play for a stake level of 2.50 and want to play slots similar to Cash Splash, then consider also playing the LotsaLoot slot also from Microgaming. The three-reel version fot hat slot has five pay lines and the jackpot is awarded when you play maximum pay lines and then get the jackpot paying logo symbols on pay line number five.

However, playing the 25 pay line version of the LotsaLoot slot will see you having to line up the jackpot logo symbols on pay lien 25 when playing or maximum bet spins to them win the progressive jackpot.

Whilst basic playing progressive slots do appeal to a great many slot players, if you are looking for something of a much more entertaining type of slot playing experience, but also want to have the chance of winning big there are plenty of additional slots I have reviewed and have guides on throughout this website that offer huge jackpots and all manner of unique and potentially huge paying bonus games and bonus features too.