Which Slots Are Like Couch Potato | How Many Slots Are the Same?

The savviest online slot players will always know where to look for information that will allow them to track down and then play the higher paying slots.

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By higher paying I don’t necessarily mean the slots with the very highest of jackpots, but those slots like Couch Potato that have been set to play out with an above average pay-out percentage.

There can be a whole world of difference regarding the RTP’s of different online slot games, and if players are not careful they could end up playing slots that have pay-out percentages as low as 88% and in some cases even lower!

Slots that are similar to Couch Potato have been designed to return to players, over their long-term play, 97.40% of their stakes as winning pay-outs, and there are not that many slots that do have pay-out percentages as high as that!

Microgaming is the game design company that has designed that slot, and if you enjoy playing basic players slots that have just three stepper type reels and just one single pay line and have no bonus games or bonus features then all slots similar to Couch Potato are going to be worth playing, as that is how they have all been designed!

One similar slot is the High 5 slot game, and much like Couch Potato before you send the three reels spinning you have to pick one of the available coin value settings to have in play on that spin.

Not only can you adjust the coin value settings, but you have the ability of playing one, two or three coins per spin. I would strongly advise you to initially pick a coin value setting that is going to allow you to play three coins spins, for there is an enhanced jackpot up for grabs when you do so.

Playing one coin on slot games like Couch Potato will see you only being able to win a 2000-coin jackpot, which is boosted to 5000 coins when playing two coins spins. But by playing thee coins spin the jackpot is boosted to 15000 coins, and as such that jackpot is much more appealing than the smaller valued ones!

The wild symbol on all alternatives to the Couch Potato slot is also very unique, for not only will those symbols stand in for all other reel symbols, but when they do so and you get one of them in a winning combination the value of that pay-out is multiplied by five!

The high variance nature of this slot becomes very apparent however when you spin in two of the wild symbols alongside any third symbol, for the pay-out of that third symbol will be multiplied by 25 times it pay table listed pay-out value!

You will however always find a very good mix of both higher variance and low variance slots, no matter at which of our favourite Bitcoin accepting casinos you choose to play at, but at the end of the day for the chance of winning big, and having a very exciting slot playing experience do consider playing some of those high variance, 3 reel slots mentioned above.

You will be more than welcome to test any of them out via the free play versions of the games if you are ever unsure whether you will enjoy playing them for real money, but remember what I have said, make sure that you play three coins spins to get the chance of winning that huge enhanced jackpot pay-out!