Slots Similar to Mega Moolah | Which Slots Are Like Mega Moolah?

A huge jackpot is what all slot players are going to want to see coming their way when playing slots online, or for that matter in any playing environment.

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That is why, when you play at any of our favourite casino sites, all of which accept Bitcoin, you are going to come across a huge range of what are known as progressive slot machines.

The Mega Moolah series of slots however are a range of video slots on which you can not only win one single progressive jackpot, but four of them can be won on any spin you play off. As such they are appealing to all players as those slots like Mega Moolah that make up that series award those jackpots not only at random but via a bonus game.

Each player playing any slot similar to the Mega Moolah slot is not required to have to play for a certain stake level either, as the bonus games that are randomly awarded and will be guaranteed to award players that trigger them with one of the four progressive jackpots are awarded to players playing for any stake amount.

If those slots do sound of interest to you, be aware that they are designed by Microgaming, and as such you will have to find a Bitcoin casino that does have their range of slot games on offer. However, Playtech have also recently launched a range of slots that are like Mega Moolah and offer some mega sized progressive jackpots.

The Age of the Gods slots from Playtech are similar to the Mega Moolah slot games in as much as there are four different randomly awarded progressive jackpots on offer. However, those alternative slots to Mega Moolah also have four different free spins bonus games on offer, so you may find them a tad more exciting to play.

If, however you choose to play the Mega Moolah series of slots you will find each of them come with their own unique free spins bonus games, but unlike the Age of the Gods slots those bonus games are not going to give you access to any additional built in bonus features as the free spins are playing off.

Make sure that when you do ever get the urge to play any type of progressive slot games, the casino sites you choose to play them at has a system in place whereby all jackpots won on those slots are going to be paid out to players quickly and via one single payment.

Some casinos have low weekly cash out limits which means if you do ever win a huge progressive jackpot you are going to have to wait months or even years to get paid out a huge progressive jackpot win, which is something no slot player is going to want to have to experience.

It can be hard to find online casinos that will let you claim bonuses that can be used on slots like Mega Moolah, for due to the progressive jackpots awarded on them, and as a percentage of players stakes feed the jackpot pools, casinos much prefer not to offer bonuses that can be utilized on any type of progressive game.

Each of our favourite casino sites will give you access to plenty of additional progressive games, all of which you can play online or via a mobile device, so whenever you do get the urge to play that is something that you are always going to be able to do,  but remember, the only way to win one of those jackpots is to find a slot offering them and give them a fair amount of play time!