Slots Like Fortuna| Are There Any Similar Slots?

You are not only going to find video and progressive slots when playing at our featured Bitcoin casinos. If you are the type of player who enjoys playing the much more basic three-reel types of slots, then there will of course be plenty of them available too as such casino sites.

One slot that has proven to be hugely popular with players is the Fortuna slot, for not only does that slot offer a three-reel playing structure, it is a slot on which players can opt to put into play one to five pay lines too.

One of the advantages of playing slots like Fortuna, is that if you do choose to activate all five of the pay lines, there is a different valued jackpot that can be awarded to you on each of those five lines. So maximum pay line players can have the chance of winning more than a player who only plays one single pay line.

The first thing that you will be interested in learning about slots that are similar to Fortuna is that they have been designed with high pay out percentages, and they are also multi denomination slots too, so you can put into play stake levels per spin to suit your bankroll.

By playing one single pay line per spin the maximum jackpot you can win per spin is 1000 coins, on your chosen coin value setting. But increase the pay lines to two or three and the jackpot grows on those pay lines to 2000 and 3000 coins respectively.

The slot like Fortuna also have a 4000-coin jackpot available on the fourth pay line, but spin in all three of the log symbols on the fifth pay line and an enhanced jackpot worth 6000 coins will then be yours.

One slot that is an alternative slot to the Fortuna slot is the Rapid Reels slot, which has the exact same playing structure as the Fortuna slot, but it comes with a fishing theme.

The jackpots on each of those slots is, as mentioned above awarded when all thee of the logo symbols line up on any activated pay line, but those jackpot symbols are also wild symbols too, so they will stand in for and may just help you form winning combinations when they have been spun in.

One aspect of playing these types of slots however is that there are no bonus games and no bonus features that could be triggered when playing them, and as such you are going to find that they are very fast paying slots, and ones that will enable you to play off a huge number of spins very quickly.

However, by clicking into the option settings button you will find a range of additional options you can configure regarding the way those slots will play and one of those option settings is a speed setting, so you can slow down or speed up the rate at which the reels will stop and spin.

The main attraction for slot players of playing slots like Fortuna is that if you have claimed a bonus and have bonus credits in your casino account, you can choose those slots as the ones you try and achieve the play through requirements on those bonus credits with.

By using the auto play option settings coupled with the speed play setting, you will soon be able to rattle through your play through requirements, and with some luck in playing may achieve them and also have some winnings to cash out too!