Win Big Playing Progressive Bitcoin Video Poker

Two things that you will always need to be aware of if you ever fancy taking your chances when playing progressive video poker games are that the games often come with fixed coin values, and you are usually required to place maximum coin bets on each hand to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

However, if you do have the bankroll to sustain a fair number of hands when playing video poker and you can also afford to play for the stake levels and maximum coin hands those games demand then there is a chance you could win a mega sized winning payout.

But make sure that you look at the way the jackpot payout is awarded to players, for often there is just one single hand you need to be dealt out to win the jackpot and that may call for you playing a slightly different strategy when playing progressive video poker games!

Bonuses and Player Comps

Sadly one thing that I have discovered when playing video poker games at Bitcoin casino site is that there are not that many casinos that will allow you to claim bonuses and utilize the bonus credits on most variants of video poker games.

It will often be the case that any progressive video poker games any online or for that matter mobile casino site has on off will only be playable with player’s real money credits, and the reason for that is that a percentage of your stakes are feeding the progressive jackpot pools.

Casinos do not tend to like the idea of players using bonus credits to play progressive video poker games as it is then the casinos own money and not the players money that is feeding the jackpot pools!

You will however find playing progressive video poker games will earn you comp points at most Bitcoin accepting casino sites so at least you will be earning additional credits if you do decide to play those types of games!

Playing Tips

One thing to keep a close eye on when playing absolutely any type of progressive video poker game is the current value of the jackpot.

If the jackpot is fairly low in size then that is of course an obvious indication that it has recently been won, and has been reset to its seed value. Try and find out just how much on average any progressive video poker game awards to winning players and then only play that variant when the jackpot is around or even higher than its average payout amount.

You are much more likely to win a progressive jackpot that is overdue and very high in value than one that has recently been paid out to another player. However, being random and provably fair it is possible for two jackpots to be won in fairly quick succession.

But you will not win as much as you could do if you are lucky enough to be dealt out the jackpot paying hand if that jackpot has been recently won that you would do when it is overdue and much larger in size and value!