Playing Bitcoin Jacks or Better Video Poker

The most popular video poker game variant of all time is the game of Jacks or Better video poker, and as such it may be a game that you are thinking of playing online.

If so you will never find any shortage of Bitcoin casinos that will give you that and plenty of other video poker games via their games menu, but keep in mind that some of those other variants may have much higher payout percentages attached and on offer on them.

The most commonly found pay table on Bitcoin casino Jacks or Better video poker games is one that will return over the long term a payout percentage of 99.54%, so it is true to say it is a very high paying game but also one that you can learn the ropes of playing very quickly indeed!

Jacks or Better video poker is also a game that is going to be offering you a range of different staking options too, and as such you are always going to find a coin value setting that suits your bankroll.

Using Bitcoin Bonuses on Jacks or Better

The nature of video poker games in general is such that the payout percentages attached to each game can be fairly high, if of course you learn how to play each variant optimally and with the very best strategy in place.

The high payout percentages on offer on such games do sadly mean that when you find any Bitcoin accepting casinos that do offer players a range of different bonuses that can be used on such games the play through requirements can often be set fairly high.

So if you do every fancy utilizing a casino bonus offers on any type of video poker games make sure that you are going to only have a low and reasonable set of play through requirements to achieve when playing off your bonus credits!

Playing Tips

If you are lucky enough to find a Bitcoin casino that is giving away quite large bonuses that can be used on the game of Jacks or Better one handy feature most of the variants and versions you will come across is the auto play setting.

By configuring the stake you wish to play for and the number of hand you want the game to play off for you that could make keeping track of your play though requirements much easier!

The auto hold feature is also one you should always activate when playing this particular game, whether you play using the auto play setting or choose to play each hand off yourself, by turning on auto hold the game will hold the most strategic cards for you.

Also, try not to get too obsessed with being dealt out a Royal Flush hand! You could have all the luck in the world and be dealt out more than your fair share of that 4000 coin jackpot max bet hand combinations, but for most players it is a fairly rare even and one that can take a considerable amount of time to achieve!