New All Pays Slots Offer Bitcoin Slot Players Plenty of Value

When you set about playing real money slot games regularly, you will not need me to tell you that can be something of a very expensive pastime, for the unique way that slot machines play and pay means you can experience some long losing streaks at times!

Therefore what you may be interested in learning about are a new range of Bitcoin slot games that are going to give you plenty of playing value, and thanks to their unique design are going to ensure that you always get the maximum number of chances of winning when playing them too.

Those slot machines are collectively known as All Pays slots, however different slot game designers and manufacturers may give their range of those types of slots a unique name, but they do tend to all work and play in a very similar way no matter who has designed such slots.

When you set about playing an All Pays slot or several of them the very first thing you will notice is that every single way that you can line up a winning combination on the in view reel symbols on the slot games screen is going to be in live play on every single spin you play off.

It is the number of in view reel symbols on each reel that will ultimately determine just how many ways to win you will have in play when playing such slots.

The most commonly available All Pays slot games are those that offer 243 ways to win, and they are easy to spot as they all come with five video reels and also have three reel symbols in view on each reel. But you could find some slots offering 720, 1024, 3125 or even more ways to win too!

The cost of playing of each base game spin is the element and aspect of those types of slot machines that really do make them cost effective slots to play. You are not forced or required to have to wager a coin on each way to win, instead you just place one set number of coins to send the reel spinning on All Pays slots.

That stake could be 25, 30, 50 or even 75 coins per spin depending on which ones you choose to play and if you want to play them for much higher stake amounts then you can increase either the coin value settings or increase the increment of coins you play them all for too.

The bonus games are what usually give All Pays slot games their huge win and payout potential.

Therefore look out for such slots on which one to five of the reels could be randomly turned wild via a bonus game or bonus feature, for when playing such a slot if you do get all five reels turning wild then you will have formed the jackpot paying winning combination hundreds or even thousands of time depending on the slots you are playing!