Best Bitcoin Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Game

When faced with dozens of different Blackjack game variants, which you are inevitably going to be when playing at any Bitcoin accepting casino sites, many players prefer playing the single hand variants, as they tend to be the ones with the fairest house edge.

The one designers’ casino card games that are often sought after by players, due to the fact they are certified as being fair and random and come in many different variants are Microgaming’s. The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game they offer also boasts to players who do master playing that game perfectly a house edge of 0.35%.

The house edge of any Blackjack game is going to be ultimately determined by both the design of the game and how you play it, and as the name of this game does suggest, there is one deck of fifty-two playing cards in use in it which are shuffled fully before a new hand is dealt out.

Keep in mind that you will often find other games like this one online and both a single hand and a multi hand variant are also on offer to you at most Bitcoin accepting casinos, so if you want to play lots of hands simultaneously that is something you can of course do.

This game is one which uses a hole card, meaning that the dealer initial deals out to his hand an up facing card and one dealt to his hand face down, and he is always going to peek at the down facing card if he could form a Blackjack hand.

Splitting a hand is something that you are of course going to be permitted to do when playing the Single Deck Blackjack game, but when you do split a matching pair of playing cards you need to place another stake equal to your initial hand on the additional hand formed.

You are not going to be allowed to double after splitting a pair, and you cannot re-split any hand that has already been split, if you want to re-split Aces then that is something this games rules will not permit you to do and you cannot hit split Aces either!

Sadly, this is a Blackjack game variant that does not let you take a surrender option at any point in time when playing it, if that is something you do tend to look for when playing Blackjack there are plenty of other variants that do let you surrender your hand in return for half of your stake money back.

Also keep in mind if you are still unsure as to whether you will enjoy playing this game online you are not forced to have to play it only in a real money playing environment, for all casinos that do have it listed as one of their available games in their games menu will let you play it for free and at no risk.

It is however a multi-stake game, so when playing using any currency option, including Bitcoin, you do have the ability of playing or some low stake amounts or some high-stake amounts, and most casinos will also award you comp points when playing it online for real money too!