Playing Classic Blackjack at Microgaming Bitcoin Casinos

You will find many Bitcoin accepting casinos have the range of Microgaming designed games on offer, and if you do come across one, and that is a card game you enjoy playing, then make sure you stick to playing their single hand variant of Classic Blackjack.

There is one reason that game should always be the only one you play, and that reason is if you master playing it perfectly you are going to be up against one of the lowest house edge Bitcoin Blackjack games anywhere online, and that house edge for reference is just 0.13%!

You are always going to need to learn just how a casino card game has been designed, and as such let me enlighten you on just how many decks of cards are in the shoe of the Microgaming designed Classic Blackjack game.

When playing the single hand variant that games has been designed to utilize one single full deck of playing cards, but that deck is always going to be shuffled fully before a new game is dealt out, so there is no chance or opportunity for you to count cards when playing it online.

The way in which the dealer is going to play off his hand is important, and when faced with a hand that is valued at a soft 17 or any hand worth higher than a soft 17 hand, the Dealer on Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game is always going to stand that hand

A player will be given the option of being able to double down and pay for just one single card when his or her two initial cards are worth 9 to 11 in value. Just make sure you only double down when that is the correct playing decision though as doing so at the wrong time will cost you dearly over time!

There are of course several other game play rules and betting decisions you will need to familiarize yourself when playing the Classic Blackjack game, and as such let me now guide you through some of the most important ones you an and will be able to make or not when playing this game.

You can split a pair of cards when playing this game, but you are not going to be allowed to double after splitting, and you cannot re-split a pair of cards and cannot re-split Aces but one thing that you are going to be allowed to do is to hit split Aces.

The only other game play rule that is on offer on this game is of course the insurance wager, and when you are offered it you can place as stake equal to your initial wager, and if the dealers hand turns out to be a Blackjack hand then you get paid out on that optional side bet at odds of 2 to 1, but due to the very high house edge on the insurance bet the best strategy when playing this variant is to never take it when it has been offered to you!.