Why a 6 to 5 Blackjack Hand Payout is Such a Bad Bet

You can play Blackjack anywhere these days, you could visit a brick and mortar land based casino nearby where you live, or you could play at home on your computer, or even play whilst walking down the street on your mobile phone!

However, when you are playing for real money as opposed to playing for free, you need to become something of a savvy and educated player, for no two Blackjack game variants are the same, and whilst some can be fair paying games the opposite could be said for some variants too.

Things to look out for as a player are the payouts you are going to achieve when you have been dealt out a winning hand. The standard payouts are 3 to 2 for a winning unmatched Blackjack hand that being any 10 valued card and any Ace, and even money for all other winning hands.

I say that 3 to 2 is the standard winning payout odds for a winning Blackjack hand, however more and more casinos are reducing those odds to 6 to 5, and when in places such as Vegas you will often find casinos offering those much lower payouts.

You will also find quite a number of online and mobile casinos too that have chosen to increase the house edge on their Blackjack games by offering a 6 to 5 winning payout to players who do get dealt out a winning Blackjack hand.

If you do find yourself playing at such a site the best thing you can do is to not bother playing those Blackjack games and locate a casino site offering the 3 to 2 payout instead.

There is another standard bet type that you can place when playing Blackjack and that is when for example the Dealer is showing an Ace card, when he is then he will offer you the insurance bet.

By taking that side bet option you are required to place a bet of exactly half the amount of your base hand stake, and if the Dealers hand turns out to be a Blackjack hand, you are then paid out at odds of 2 to 1 on your insurance side bet.

That side bet however is best described as a mugs bet, for it has a gigantic house edge, and no matter how attractive you feel the payout odds of 2 to 1 associated with that bet are, it is a bet that is going to end up costing you a lot of money over the long term if you continually place it.

Keep in min though that there are some unique Blackjack games that have an even money payout on all winning players Blackjack hands, that is the case when you play Double Exposure Blackjack.

The reason that payout is so low is that when you play that variant the Dealer always deals out his cards facing upwards, so you never have to guess what cards he may have in his hand, as you can clearly see them at all times, so the comprise for seeing his cards is a much lower payout on players Blackjack hands!