Slots Similar to Loaded | Which Slots Are Like Loaded?

The Microgaming designed slot that goes by the name of the Loaded slot has a unique bonus game, which does make it a popular slot to play. That bonus game is one on which when you have triggered it, you then get the choice of the variance you want to have in play as your free spins play off.

What you are tasked with choosing once three or more of the scatter symbols have been spun in, is whether you want to play off a small, medium or large number of free spins, but each of the three options has a different multiplier in play for the duration of the free spins feature round.

Whilst there are several slots like Loaded, one that is just as popular is the Sports Night slot, and much like the slot that game is a clone of when you trigger the bonus game you have the choice of how to play off your free spins.

The options include a set of 8 free spins on which the highest valued multiplier will be in play, that being one worth x4, you could choose to play off a medium variance type of free spins bonus game and when you do so you will be selecting 18 free spins on which a x3 multiplier is in play.

If you are quite averse to risk then make sure you choose the third option, for that is a set of 24 free spins on which a x2 multiplier is in play.

What appeals to players of the slots like Loaded is that when the bonus game has been awarded to you, there is the chance of winning up to 560,000 coins from that bonus game, but you will of course need everything to fall into place as you are playing off your chosen set of free spins!

The pay lines you can choose to have in play on each base game spin you play off are adjustable, and you can play form one single pay lien or as many of 25 of them and in addition to being able to alter the number of pay lines you can also adjust the coin values which start at a minimum of 0.01 and you can also increase the number of coins per pay line you have in play too.

A set of wild multipliers are also in play on all five video reels of the slots that are similar to Loaded, and when one or more of them stand in for any other symbol, and also help you form a winning combination the value of that winning pay-out is multiplied by x3.

Those wild multiplier symbols are also the jackpot symbols, so if you are ever lucky enough to get five of them lining up on any activated pay line you have put into play you will be awarded with 7000 coins for each coin you wager on that winning pay line.

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